Best Time For Electrical Updates?

Are you thinking about making electrical updates? Money spent on home improvement is projected to increase over 7% in 2019 (according to Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard). This points to a trend that more people are investing in their homes and rental properties. So when is the best time of year to schedule your electrical update?

For starters, it is best to begin a home project when you are financially prepared for it and no sooner. Homeowners either get into unwanted debt or end up with an unfinished project if they haven’t prepared for the investment. That being said, here are a few thoughts to consider when thinking about the time of year to get electrical updates.

Kitchen Electrical Updates
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Spring & Summer. The weather is very nice during this time of year which means crews are ready to get to work! Also, tax return season is in full swing so people have finances readily available to improve their homes. In fact, most people have already planned on using tax return money for home improvements ahead of time. If you can schedule an appointment early in the season, do it. You may be able to get a better price compared to when the market is completely active.

Hint: If the season is well into Spring and your electrician is able to start your project on the day of your initial call…be cautious. Most quality electricians will have a backlog of work already, especially if the housing market is up. A busy electrician usually means they are good!

Fall & Winter. The industry slows down this time of year for a few reasons. First, the days are shorter and it is cold! Second, most people want to be indoors enjoying the comforts of home (not sharing it with an electrical crew). Last but not least, this time of year has several holidays. This is the time of year where people gather together with family and friends, reaping the benefits of electrical work they had done earlier in the year. Also, bad weather can cause delays, and nobody wants that. So there is little benefit, if any, to waiting for this time of year for your project.

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