How Can I Add More Lighting To A Room?

I come across many homeowners looking to add lighting in their homes.  They usually have no pre-existing fixture and are looking for good lighting options.  Insufficient lighting strains your eyes, and the right amount of light changes the feel of the whole room.  So without getting overly technical, I will explain some options.

First things first, to add lighting we’d need to determine wiring access.  We do this by looking above the ceiling.  In most homes there is access above the ceiling and it is fairly inexpensive to do the job.  We could install new wiring and the fixture for the room quickly.

However, not all ceilings are created equal.  For some ceilings there is a second floor above.  This makes installing a light more expensive and it could require sheetrock repair.  The benefit of installing new wiring is the ability to customize light placement for the homeowner as well as the beauty of a new fixture.

Recessed Remodel Can Light

A less expensive option is to install an outlet below a current light-switch.  This provides quick access for the homeowner to plug-in a lamp for additional light.  I have several customers who found this as a sufficient option for their needs.

When it comes to adding light, I advise homeowners to consult an electrician from the get go.  It takes knowledge of electrical service, along with the right tools and materials to tackle this job.  Admittedly, I have worked in homes where someone tried to do this job on their own and it cost them more money to “undo” what had been attempted.

Any way you cut it, installing light in a room with no current fixture isn’t cheap. Therefore, I recommend recessed remodel can lights. They are the least expensive and easiest to install (provided we have ease of access).

Request an Electrician

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