Storm Damage

Storm damage occurs each year in the Kansas City metro. Hail, wind, ice…these are just a few of the elements which cause home power outages. Usually, residential service is restored as your power company works through the issue. But what is a homeowner to do when severe damage happens? Here are some thoughts to consider if you experience severe storm damage.

What To Do When Storm Damage Occurs

First, take action by contacting your power company. Your power company will send workers to access the results of the storm damage and will also setup temporary power for your home. In some cases, the power company will NOT setup temporary power. This is usually due to potential hazards or imminent danger.

Secondly, contact an electrician to assess the situation and advise the work needing to be completed. Get multiple quotes if possible. Unfortunately, some electricians will use a situation like this as leverage to charge high prices. Therefore, we recommend getting a second opinion if you think the cost is a bit higher than you expected.   

Next, your hired electrician will contact your power company. Your electrician will coordinate a date and time to complete the service repair with a power company representative on-site.

Lastly, the power company representative will provide official sign-off for the completed work and restore permanent power service.

Additional Considerations

There are a few considerations to keep in mind as you make decision through this process.

  • Confirm the electrician is license and insured with your city. If the electrician is not licensed nor insured, your power company may not restore power to your home.
  • Follow up with your home insurance to determine what is covered under your home insurance policy.
  • If you are filing a home insurance claim to cover the electrical repair, your insurance company will likely run a check on your hired electrician to confirm they are licensed and insured.

Request Electrical Service

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