Electrical Considerations for Basement Finish

Your basement offers useful space in your home. We meet customers using basement space in many unique ways. And however you decide to use your basement, one thing you’ll want to consider is your basement’s electrical needs. If your basement is unfinished, there are several ideas to consider in your basement finish plans. In this blog we will highlight some of them.

Ideas for Basement Finish Plans

Electrical for Smoke Detectors. Do not finish your basement without proper safety measures. Be sure to include electrical plans for smoke detector placement and installation. You would be surprised at how often this is overlooked.

Electrical Sub Panel. Your plans for a finished basement may place too high of a demand on your current electrical panel. Additional rooms, bedrooms and kitchenettes can require a considerable amount of electrical energy. An electrical sub panel may be the safest, cleanest and most appropriate electrical consideration.

Electrical for Bar/Kitchenette. Do you have space for a bar or kitchenette? These are possible uses for space in the basement and both will require important electrical connections. From lighting around the bar to electrical for a garbage disposal, there are many considerations to think through.

Electrical for Bedroom/Family Room. Wiring for ceiling fans is useful, even if you don’t use it immediately it keeps your options open. Installing custom-placed outlets for projectors and/or gaming consoles is also useful.

Recessed Lighting in LED. Energy Star published information stating LED lighting generates light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. Rather than installing incandescent light fixtures, make plans to install LED lighting.

Outlet Placement. If you already know the blueprint for your basement, consider additional outlets for the TV, surround sound and streaming device placement. Also, if you are adding a bedroom, additional outlets provide more layout options for the person using it.

Dimmer Switches. The basement has many uses that could benefit from having a dimmer. Low-lighting may be ideal for an evening dinner with family or guests. Something a traditional switch cannot provide. You may think it unnecessary, but having a dimmer is like going to the gym…you won’t regret it 😊 .

Contact a Licensed Electrician

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