Home Exterior Electrical

Have you checked your home’s exterior electrical system recently? This is a good time of year to check the outside electrical of your home before the winter weather becomes a factor. If you haven’t looked at the exterior of your home, we suggest you take a look very soon.  Here are a few things to review when it comes to home exterior electrical.

Exterior Electrical Review

  • Test GFCI outlets on the exterior of your house (if applicable). For specific instructions on how to test these outlets, checkout our previous blog on Home Electrical Routine Maintenance. If your exterior outlets are not GFCI, we recommend replacing the existing outlets (with GFCI outlets). This task will require a qualified electrician.
  • Check exterior lights and/or lamp posts to confirm they are working properly. First, make sure the lightbulbs are still working. Then, replace lightbulbs where necessary. Finally, if a brand new lightbulb is not lighting up when you turn on the light-switch, there is an issue. Do not attempt to troubleshoot any further. Contact a licensed electrician for an accurate diagnosis and solution. If your light has a photocell you may have to wait until dusk to test. If your lighting has a timer, you may need to override the timer to check the lighting.
  • Look at the meter on your house (do not touch) to make sure nothing appears damaged. If you have underground service, make sure it is not pulling away from the house (this may happen due to settling). If this is an issue, we can install a slip joint at the meter can. Or if you have overhead service, visually check to make sure the conduit riser is still attached to the house properly.
  • Other items to check is your swimming pool electrical and/or jacuzzi electrical. Look for any breaks in the conduit feeding the pool’s motor or the jacuzzi’s pump. These electrical systems should always be in good working order.

Recommended Upgrades & Installs

Now is a great time to consider your home’s exterior electrical needs. Even small upgrades are easier to get completed now before the winter arrives.  As you can imagine, snow and ice make exterior projects much more difficult.

  • Upgrade exterior electrical lighting with LED light fixtures. LED lighting is more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lighting.
  • Install light fixtures that have photocell capabilities. These fixtures are designed to turn on when they no longer sense natural light. Dusk to Dawn is a well-known and highly ranked photocell brand.
  • Install exterior lighting with timers. With LED being affordable and more efficient, having a light on at night is a good way to prevent crime. It is recommended as a burglary deterrent tip by Nationwide.

Request An Electrician

If you need a home inspection of your exterior electrical, call In the Light Electrical LLC at 913.944.9940. You can also request electrical service online for any electrical needs. We provide quality electrical service and are licensed and insured. Want to know what our customers think of our service? Checkout our customer reviews on Facebook and Google. You can also view our customer recommendations on Nextdoor.