Using Power Strips

Power strips are useful tools for this time of year. You may be using a power strip for several reasons. Today, we want to mention a few things about the appropriate use of power strips and some things you should try to avoid.

First things first, not all power strips are UL listed. Which means, Underwriters Laboratories has not tested the product or has not determined if it meets specific provisions. We highly recommend using power strips that are UL listed because their quality has been tested.

Overall, power strips with surge protectors are designed to protect your devices by ‘tripping’ (shutting off power) when excess electrical current is detected. This prevents your devices from being burned up by excess electrical current.

Appropriate Power Strip Use

  • Your television area is a good place for using a power strip. Plugging in your T.V., DVD/Blue Ray Player or streaming device. All of these devices can be powered by the strip.
  • Computer areas are a very useful place for a power strip. It can be used to power your computer, speakers and printer.
  • Small space heater, fan, lamp or clock.

Power Strip Warnings

Power Strip

  • Do not use all the plugs on a power strip. In general, more devices place a stronger demand for electrical current through the strip. Following this caution will help to avoid overloading the strip.
  • Do not try to power appliances with a power strip. They are not designed to safely power microwaves, mini-fridges or similar types of appliances. These kinds of appliances require too high of a power load for a strip to safely support.
  • Do not plug a power strip into ANOTHER POWER STRIP. This is dangerous and you should never do it.


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