Dimmer Switches

Have you ever thought of the benefits of dimmer switches? Instead of a standard on/off light switch, a dimmer switch gives you lighting options for your room. For this month’s blog, we will mention a few benefits of having a dimmer switch as well as very important electrical considerations for it.

Dimmer Switch Benefits

  • A dimmer switch allows variable light settings for a room. So then, you have the option of lighting at full brightness, low brightness and everything in between. You will have the freedom to determine the lighting ambiance needed!
  • Dimmed lights consume less energy which can save money on electric bills.
  • Dimming your lights can increase the life of your light bulbs since they are being used at lower levels.
  • Dimmer switches can be installed in almost any room! You may not want them for every room, but installing them in certain rooms for your home is most likely an option.

Dimmer Switch Considerations

  • Some dimmers only work with specific types of light bulbs (i.e. LEDs versus standard bulbs). There are dimmers that will work with every type of lighting, but you will pay a higher cost for this dimmer option due to the versatility.
  • When choosing light fixtures, determine the wattage the fixture will be using. High wattage fixtures need special dimmers.
  • Most dimmers at your local hardware store are dimmable up to 600 watts only. Dimming anything over that will need to be special ordered.
  • Trying to dim beyond the dimmer switch’s limit may result in an electrical short or fire.
  • Exceeding wattage (recommended by manufacturer) can damage the fixture or cause fire.
  • Always purchase U/L listed products for safe practice.

Request An Electrician

Dimmer switches are great for the home and we recommend contacting a licensed professional that can explain your options and perform your install. If you are considering a dimmer switch for your home or have other electrical needs, contact us for an appointment.

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