Why Different Light Bulbs?

Why so many different light bulb types? You have probably noticed your local store carries many types of light bulbs. Each light bulb may appear similar, but there are definitely differences between the types of light bulbs you can buy. For this edition of our Plugged-In blog, we will describe a few types of light bulbs and highlight some of their features.

Light Bulb Types

Incandescent Light Bulb: This is the light bulb everyone usually thinks of because it is most common for homeowners.  These bulbs emit light by heating the filament inside. According to the Department of Energy the incandescent bulb is the least efficient type of bulb. However, this bulb is less costly and offers various shapes and sizes.

Light Emitting Diode: This light is often referred to as “LED”.  When electrical current passes through a semi-conductor in the bulb, it emits light through the diodes. For more information on the specifics and make-up of LEDs checkout this article from LEDs Magazine. Also this Energy Star article mentions that LED light is typically 90% more efficient and lasts longer than an Incandescent Light Bulb.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL): Is a bulb that emits light when the gas inside is heated by electric current. And if you crave all of the fun electrical details for CFLs, you will enjoy this article by Edison Tech Center. CFLs are generally more efficient than Incandescent bulbs because they waste less heat. Also, most incandescent bulbs can be replaced with CFLs.

For additional information on light bulbs and cost effective ways to upgrade your lighting, take a look at this article by LED Lighting Supply.

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