Residential Electrical Upgrade Description

For this electrical project, the homeowners wanted residential electrical upgrades throughout the home. They wanted to update their electrical for better lighting, power convenience, and overall energy efficiency.

Electrical Upgrades Completed

Our team began the residential electrical upgrades by replacing old electrical fixtures with new LED fixtures. We did this for many rooms throughout the home. For example, we replaced old 30 watt bulbs in the master bedroom with LED retro-fit kits. This gave much better lighting quality than before.  (For details about the benefits of LED upgrades checkout our blog explaining the differences in light bulbs.)

After that, we performed residential electrical upgrades in the bathroom by replacing the old exhaust fan with a new exhaust fan. The fan contains an LED light which provides additional lighting in the bathroom area. The homeowner really liked it!  Similarly, we replaced the remaining bathroom ceiling lights with LED lights.

Then, we upgraded the kitchen electrical by installing under-cabinet power strips. The strips provide easy access to electrical power and are relatively hidden for a clean look. Our team also installed a few small appliances such as the microwave and coffee brewing machine.

Lastly, we installed GFCI rated drawer outlets in the bathroom. This was a special request from the homeowner and eliminates the clutter from wires. The devices needing power can be stored neatly in the drawer (unplugged of course, for safety).

Electrical Upgrade Pictures

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To sum up, this was a fun residential electrical project that we completed in about 3 days. The homeowners are pleased with the residential electrical upgrades and are enjoying the new lighting setup for their home.

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